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Ready, Set, Grow Childcare and Early Learning Program

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A Daycare Provider's Code of Ethics

A Provider shall acknowledge that the young child's critical need for continuity of care demands that she make a long-term commitment to the child and family.
A Provider shall try to resolve a disagreement with a parent. Termination of the daycare placement shall be used only as a last resort.
A Provider shall not terminate a client-family without giving reasonable notice.
A Provider shall not urge a parent to move a child from another provider with whom there is a satisfactory relationship.
A Provider shall establish policies and procedures so that families clearly understand what is expected of them, but are flexible enough to meet their varying needs.
A Provider shall maintain client confidentiality in a manner appropriate to the family daycare relationship.
A Provider shall meet each child's emotional, physical and intellectual needs in developmentally appropriate ways.
A Provider shall not deliberately contradict or disparage the parent's religious beliefs, culturally-based values, or child-rearing practices in the presence of the child.
A Provider shall not emotioanlly, physically, or sexually abuse any child in her care, and shall report any suspected abuse to the proper authorities.
A Provider shall maintain a family-style environment for the children in her care.
A Provider shall have safe, clean areas in which the children play, eat, and sleep.
A Provider shall strive to provide the highest quality of family daycare, whether she is independent or regulated.

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